Airline Operations

The latest trend in airline operations is Integrated Operations Management & Control (IOMC) also known as Integrated Ops Control (IOCC). Seamless handover of processes, holistic control of flight and hub processes, Real Time management and ...

Subcontracting of airline maintenance has been a major trend over the years. Many airlines consider aircraft maintenance a non-core task and as such, it has been on the list for outsourcing and cost cutting. But maintenance is an essential part of....


Sep 13, 2012

Material Management Seminar

Material Management Seminar in November

Aircraft spares are expensive and tie up significant amounts of capital and financial liquidity. However, spares are also essential for keeping your technical reliability and On-Time performance on the desired level.

Actively and methodically managing your spares provides you the tools to optimise financial aspects

Sep 13, 2012

MRO Europe 2012 in Amsterdam


Are you going to the MRO Europe 2012 in Amsterdam? That would be a good opportunity to meet Paul Schneijder. If you want to make sure we meet go to the contact page and contact me for appointment!


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Business Intelligence: Competing at its best!

All airlines have a huge data repository. This data contains a wealth of information that, if appropriately harnessed, can make a huge difference versus your competition. So what is the problem, why is not everybody doing this?

The answer is less complicated than it seems. Most airlines used functional systems, designed for conducting transactions and recording data. These systems are good in transactions and records, but in most cases ill-equipped to do advanced data analysis and statistical correlation. This is even more complex with multiple data sources. However smaller organisations can now use BI to explore their data against competitive cost, thanks to software evolution and development of computing power.

Do you want to turn your data into competitive advantage? Let me know via the contact functions right above this block!